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Here’s How You Can Invest In Real Estate With No Money Down

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So how much money does it really take to invest in real estate? Can you invest if you don’t have a lot of cash? Isn’t that a big scam? Today. I want to share with you my top tips for investing in real estate without using your own cash. So let’s do this thing. So first of all, let me tell you a quick story of a 21 year old kit this kit figured out that real estate investing was going to be his ticket to escaping a life of Slavery to a 9 to 5 job, but he had add one major problem. He had no money. He worked a dead-end job had very very little money not good credit and no experience whatsoever. But this kid did not let that stop him. In fact, he figured out a way to make it happen.

Anyway, he used a variety of different strategies to acquire more than two million dollars of real estate in the next several years including a 24 unit apartment complex purchased with almost no money out of pocket. So if you haven’t figured out yet that kid grew up some grew a nice beard and became me. Yes. That’s my story. In fact with the Than 40 units I have today and the dozens of transactions of done. I’ve hardly ever used my own money. So to give you a broad answer to the question of whether or not you can invest in real estate without using a lot of cash. The basic answer is yes.

Should You Really Go For It?

However, should you invest in real estate with no money? Well, that’s a little more difficult question for me. It’s not as much about the amount of money. I put into a deal it’s more about the kind of deal that I can get. So if you think back to the 2008 a lot of people lost their homes and their entire livelihood is because they had these loans that were little or no money down and that caused a big mess. So I don’t believe in putting myself or anybody else in a risky situation like that. That’s not what we’re talking about today instead. I want to hustle my tail off so I can find the best deal possible. So even if I put little or no money into the deal, I still have a lot of breathing room in case something bad happens.

Here’s a quick example of what I mean. Let’s say there was a house and it was worthless say $200,000 and you were to take $50,000 of your own hard-earned money and use it as a down payment. Now you have a mortgage for about $150,000.

There’s nothing wrong with that and that’s what most people do. So now on the other hand. What if I were to find that same property of $200,000, but I hustled to find that deal for only $150,000 and then I obtained a hundred fifty thousand dollar mortgage meaning I used a no or low money down strategy to buy it at that point. Both of us would have the same two hundred thousand dollar property. We both have a mortgage for $150,000, but you put $50,000 of your own. Money into that and I didn’t put any money into it. So who is really at greater risk here? I would argue that we’re actually at both the same amount of risk of something going wrong because we have the same loan amount in the property values the same.

Contemplating On How Much You Can Lose

However, you have a lot more to lose because you put $50,000 of your own money in the deal and I put nothing so if something goes wrong, you can lose $50,000 and I wouldn’t lose anything. This is why I value the idea of how good of a deal. Can I get a lot more and how much should I put down? If you want to buy a deal and put a large down payment more power to you. In fact, sometimes you can get more cash flow or get a better deal by doing such just know that it’s not the only way next understand that investing with no or low money down has nothing to do with being broke. You see if you are flat broke. You got no money and you think that some clever no or low money down strategy is going to be your way your salvation to recover from your difficult financial situation think again creative investing is about leveraging other people’s money so you can do bigger and better. Better deals, it doesn’t mean you’re broke. I mean the real estate. Irony. Is this the Richer you become the more deals you do the more advanced. You become the less you actually use your own money. In fact, most of the multimillionaires and billionaires that are doing real estate today are barely using their own money at all. In fact, they’re almost entirely using other people’s money. So creative investing is really for anyone no matter how much money you have currently in your checking account creative investing truly is a mindset game. Okay, next onto the big question.

How do you do it? How do you invest when you don’t have out of pocket cash or you don’t want to put a lot of your cash into a deal? Well for that you’ve got to change the way your mind works. Most people have a very simple yes or no response when they’re presented with a real estate purchase either. Yes, I can’t afford it or no. I can’t afford it. And for the vast majority of people sadly, they turn their brain off when they get to that no, but creative investors. They don’t say no instead. They ask the simple question.

Becoming The Person Who Can Afford It

How can I afford it? So, how do you become somebody? Who thinks creatively? Well, the good news is you probably already have what it takes. But just to find out let’s do a quick test if somebody offered to sell you a million-dollar Mansion for just a thousand bucks. Would you do it of course you would but what if you did not currently have that thousand dollars, let’s just say you had 50 bucks to your name. That was it then how would you do it knowing that you could turn around tomorrow sell that property and make almost a million dollars in profit. I would like to believe you’d probably find a way so right now, do you have any good ideas for how you get that thousand dollars to buy? I mean our property perhaps you’d borrow the money from a friend. Maybe you partner with someone who had it. Maybe you find a way to take out a thousand dollar loan now call me optimistic, but I’m guessing that you would find a way come hell or high water to make sure you got that thousand dollars so you can make the million and that is the spirit behind creative real estate investing sure you might not be getting a million dollar property 4,000 bucks. But look at the mindset.

Having The Right Mindset

How do you think about it is exactly the same once you have that mindset and that commitment to saying, how can I instead of I can’t and now you’re ready to look at the tactics for acquiring real estate with little to no money down. Now, there are a lot of tactics that you could use to invest in real estate creatively and each deal you’re presented with is going to be unique and determining what the best tactic is that you’re going to use. For example, you could partner with someone who has the funds you could house hack a property and obtain a low down payment loan from the government. You can use the equity from an existing property to fund the investment. You could raise private money. You can use a hard money lender or you could use a lease option. You can utilize seller financing you could ask the seller to carry back a second mortgage or maybe you’d use a combination of these tactics to come up with a good solution to buy property. For example, the Burr strategy which you can learn more about at

The point is there are a lot of tactics that a person could employ to be able to purchase property using little to no money down. There is no one-size-fits-all method to creative investing because every single deal is completely different. And each deal requires you to look at it creatively put on your creative lenses and say, how am I going to make this property work? In fact, I like to think of creative investing as a tool box when you have just one tool like a hammer. There’s not a lot you can do with it. You can pound a few Nails put a hole in the wall or defend yourself against getting mugged, but that’s about it. However, as you add more tools to your toolbox, you can take on bigger and better projects.

Maybe you’ll add a saw to your toolbox or maybe a drill or a tape measure and pretty soon you’re too. Box is full and no job becomes too difficult in the same way the more creative investing tactics you put into your mental tool box the greater chance, you’ll be able to tackle any project that comes your way for this reason. Don’t just listen to some late-night TV Guru or some YouTube guy with a beard. I’m telling you the best way to invest in real estate without using a lot of money because here’s a secret to create an investing. There is no secret one way. Instead, you just need to fill up your mental tool box and fill it with a variety of creative.

Strategies ask other investors. How do you invest using other people’s money? Listen to real estate podcasts. May I suggest the BiggerPockets podcast which you can get to on iTunes or a Bigger Pockets that calm forward slash podcast or attend real estate webinars, like the ones that I do every week on Bigger Pockets, which you can sign up for the next one at forward slash webinar read books on Creative real estate investing, um, for example the book on investing in real estate with no and low money down which you can pick up at

Even with no money, you can still start taking action on what you’re learning because all the talk all the learning all the reading all the listening all that means nothing. If you don’t get out there and take action in the words of Michael Jordan.

Some people want it to happen some wish it would happen and others make it happen. What kind of person are you? Are you going to let your lack of cash stop you from achieving all of your goals? I don’t think so.


Steps On How To Effectively Soundproof Your Room

Apartment Bedroom

Hello, everyone. Today, I’ll talk to you about how to soundproof a wall in your home office or an apartment with millions of people living next door to noisy neighbors. You might be wondering of ways to soundproof a wall soundproofing wall in your home doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated in this guide. I will not only talk about how to soundproof a wall without removing at the drywall, but will also explain ways to do it by removing the drywall and building something for better noise blocking if you are doing the job on your own, please do your resource extensively as well as comprehend the items and sell proven fundamentals after that by following these steps on the most effective ways to soundproof wall as well as using recommended soundproofing products. You can accomplish the desired outcome without blowing your budget to make your house a bit quieter. You’ll need to minimize vibrations filling sound leaks and Absorb sounds so let’s begin with number one fill in the holes and gaps.

Getting Started

I figured I would begin with the easiest and cheapest method to soundproof wall without having to break down walls. You can use this method if you live in an apartment where you’re unable to alter the walls, of course, you will need to crack fill around the window frames. If you see any type of separations green glue noise proving sealant is what I recommend because it not only block sound very well, but it also is very pliable.

So it won’t crack as it ages letting noise through if you’re soundproofing a wall with no windows or doors. Then you might think that you could skip this step. Well think again one place. A lot of people wouldn’t think of noise coming into a room is electrical outlets unscrew the cover of the electrical outlet and you will most likely see a significant gap between the box and the wall. All you need to do is fill in this Gap with noise proofing sealant. And you’re done.

Of course, if you’re soundproofing an unfinished wall than the best way to soundproof. The electrical box is by completely wrapping it with a product called putty pad. Most people however will be soundproofing and existing wall. So the green glue is the cheap and easy way to go. You can also use the noise proofing ceiling to between the floor and baseboard.

Checking For Gaps

If you see any sort of gap that is most of the time you won’t see a significant gap, but it only takes a minute to cop. This section of the wall and could easily decrease the noise transfer from the other room by a couple of decibels just a quick pause.

Number two on our list is double up the drywall a popular way to soundproof an existing wall is by adding an extra layer of drywall over top of the existing drywall one crucial detail a most people forget to mention is not to use the same type of drywall that is already there use a thicker 5/8 inch sheet of drywall for your second layer 5/8 inch drywall will do a much better job at blocking the noise coming from the other side of the wall. Plus it only costs a few dollars more making it well worth the investment another essential tip when doubling up the drywall is to use green blue noise.

Proofing compound between the two layers of drywall. All you need to do is spread the noise proofing compound liberally in a random pattern. So you’re getting some all over the sheet of drywall. This is not actually glued. It’s a compound that is specifically made to help absorb and block sound waves from passing through the wall don’t mistake this with green glue noise proofing ceiling.

It is a different product, but let’s be clear this is noise proofing compound is not a miracle noise blocker. It will however help reduce a few decibels of noise passing through the wall for the cost of a couple of tubes. It is well worth the investment number three masts loaded a vinyl another way to soundproof wall is by using a mass loaded vinyl MLV comes in a roll usually measuring a 4 feet long. It’s a very heavy and dense material, but also relatively thin what you can do to make your wall even more soundproof when adding an Layer of drywall and some green blue is by adding a layer of mass loaded vinyl on top of that while in between the drywall, of course, all you need to do is cut a layer of MLV the size of the wall, you want to insulate and attach it on your existing wall before adding the second layer of drywall.

You will see a significant decrease in sound coming through the other side of the wall with the MLV in place number for resilient channel another great way to soundproof a wall is by using what is called a resilient channel most of the time I would install this in a basement ceiling to eliminate footstep noise coming from above but this can be added to a wall to improve soundproofing make sure that you install the resilient channel as suggested by the manufacturer to achieve the desired effect. I will have a link to a full article from soundproof in the description below on exactly how to install a resilient channel.

I will also give you a small overview so keep reading. Firstly, you need to remove the drywall then apply the sound clips inside the joints and stud then screw the channel in the clips using drywall screws. Make sure that the screws only enter the web of the resilient channel and does not come into contact with the resilient channel base support.

Do not over tighten the screws as they may tear through the metal channel now attach the second layer of drywall using crop. Opera longer screws. So basically, that’s the gist of it number 5 sound dampening of paint.

Sound Dampening Paint

Yes. There is such a thing as sound dampening paint sound dampening paint or soundproofing paint is gaining popularity in the soundproofing industry due to its Effectiveness versus cost and application.

This paint is certainly not a miracle sound blogger, but it will decrease the noise coming through the wall by a few decibels. Make sure to apply multiple coats for best results.

Let’s say you need extra storage on top of soundproofing a wall in your home or office. Let’s also say that you don’t want to tear down the wall or add an extra layer of drywall. You could use a little known at some Roofing hack a by adding a bookshelf the entire length and height of the wall by adding a bookshelf and then filling it up with books. You will be adding mass.

This mass will do wonders in soundproofing the wall because you will be gaining an ample amount of storage at the same time. You can also add some cupboard doors if you don’t have books to fill up the shelf at least that way you won’t be leaving any gaps where noise could get through a thin wall number seven soundproof blankets or moving blankets.

If you live in an apartment and are unable to alter the walls hanging soundproof blankets could be an option. Of course soundproofing blankets can be quite expensive because there are typically made in the shape of a doorway to use to soundproof adore. You would need to buy several of them to be able to soundproof an entire wall a cheaper.

The last option would be to buy a bundle of moving blankets moving blankets are made of dense material and would help blogging noise. It won’t be as good as an actual soundproof blanket, but it would cost you a fraction of that price. So it would certainly be something to look at whether you’re a soundproofing and existing wall or during construction.


How To Get Rid Of Mold In Your Shower

Bathroom With Shower

If you’ve been looking for effective ways to get rid of that ugly looking mold that’s been stuck in the shower of your bathroom for months now, you’re in luck because today we are going to go through a super satisfying cleaning blog post that you’ll surely enjoy. This is an older home. So if you have a bathroom from like the 60s 70s and 80s, it can be tough to clean. I have the best secret and it is less than three dollars. You won’t believe these results.

This is really bad. This is probably one of the worst cases that I’ve seen but you guys we are going to tackle this you really need to clean out a shower or tub. Go for a toilet bowl cleaner. The magic secret is Clorox with clinging bleach gel and you’re going to use this right in your shower. It’s going to bleach away all of the mold all of the mildew and do it fast and the clinging part is going to help it stay in the grout lines.

You want to run this along all of the grout lines and it’s okay if it drips down and also along the base of the tub. Now, what you want to do is also put some paper towel on top of it because it is going to want to fall off but the way the tub is sloped and let it sit from between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

It kind of looks like a green bloody scene and I use paper towel all the way around just to kind of hold some of the product on those really moldy spots.

Get To Scrubbing

Then you want to take a scrub brush. Now the key one finding these is to get a tile cleaning brush with really firm bristles if the bristles are very soft to the touch. It’s not going to work and you can find these at the hardware store or even the dollar store make sure you’re wearing gloves and that the area is super well-ventilated because you are working with bleach and don’t wear nice clothes because doing this job will be a bit messy and you don’t want any bleach getting on your nice shirt or pants. Plus, be sure to wear face mask as well as the fumes from the bleach can’t be quite toxic. That’s something that you don’t want to be inhaling into your lungs.

You should probably see that but you know why practice what you preach all of that grime is going to come right off. If you have really set in stains, you might want to even leave this overnight when you finish poor bucket of warm water over all the walls of the shower or just let the shower run for a bit to remove all of the product.

Checking The Results

The before-and-after is insane. If you enjoyed this blog post, please take the time to share it with your family and friends by posting it on your social media pages. I want to start a blog series on this of cleaning tutorials that address really dirty things that will be so satisfying for me as I truly enjoy giving out different DIY tips and tricks while having the opportunity to interact with you guys. Don’t worry because all of the best tips I’m going to give you will perfectly fit into a tiny budget. So if you want to see more of these types of blog posts, let me know. You can also send me some suggestions about topics that you want me to discuss.


Storage Ideas for Beach Houses

Today we are going to talk about storage, every home needs storage, right? Even beach houses.

A beach house is a nice place to go, relax, spend time alone or with the special people in your life, and just get away. However, when it comes to spending time at a house on or near the beach, there are likely many items you use while you are there. This means that you need to find a place to store all of these items. Continue reading this helpful article for tips that you can use when you are looking for storage ideas for beach houses.


One option you have for storage is the closets in the beach house. There are many choices for how you can store the beach items you have in these small spaces. If you have certain clothing items that you wear only when you are at your beach house, you can store them in the closet. Depending on how often you visit the house, you may wish to put the clothing items in tubs in the closet so they stay safe and fresh. You can also do this with shoes and linens that you may want to keep at the beach house.

Another storage idea for beach houses is to utilize the space under the beds. You can find containers that fit nicely in the space. You may choose to place things such as towels, sheets, clothing, shoes, or other things that you would like to keep at the beach house. Under the bed is also a good place to store big items such as beach chairs and boogie boards if they won’t fit in the closet area.


The pantry is also a good place to store items at the beach house. If you have a pantry or cabinets in the kitchen area, you may choose to store your kitchen items there. And depending on how often you visit the house, you may even be able to store food items that you feel will be safe until your next time there.

As you store the items at your beach house, it is a good idea to record what you have stored and where you stored it. This can be really helpful as you go to find certain items. You can create a list on paper or you can do so digitally. By writing down the items and where they are stored, you can easily find whatever it is that you may be looking for when you next visit the beach house. Not only that, but when it is time to pack up and leave, you will know where each item goes to be stored away until next time.

In conclusion, after you worked hard, saved money and bought in a holiday house, it is nice to have certain items that stay there. This means, though, that you will need to find a place for each of these things.Espeically if you inted to rent the holiday home, your clients will be more inclined to leave a good reviews if you have proper starage

You can store your belongings in closets and under beds, as well as in the cabinets and pantry. Don’t forget, too, to record where your things are so they are easy to locate.


Duplex penthouse vs. same floor penthouses

When you want to note which type of a penthouse is in did the best for you, you must first of all be well versed with details about either home. This way, it will be easy to make your selection based on whatever you believe in about the different houses.  However, any selection you make today will see you through several years to come. Have a look some of great affordable luxury properties at

What is a duplex apartment?

A duplex apartment is a property where the owner, finds it possible to share the same floor with a tenant for the money. In most cases, a person buys a home using the mortgage plan or a bank loan. The individual can use the amount of money s/he collects from rent to pay for the loan without much problem.

What is a penthouse?

On the other hand, a penthouse is a house that provides luxury to its dwellers. It occupies almost the entire floor of the building. Most of the penthouses around come with several other privileges such as a personal Jacuzzi, fireplace, swimming pool and several others.

Most of the things that you will get from either home are excellent. However, there still remains a big question, which of the about is suitable for you? Also, how do you evaluate the details before you settle for buying the one that suits you? As you are still trying to find the best for you, here are a few benefits for both so as you may decide based on what you want and what you get.

Benefits of duplex penthouse

Duplex apartments are ideal and affordable. If you consider buying a home, then this can be the easiest option to make you a property owner. The duplex apartment is an entire floor of a building. One of the main advantages of such a home is that you can rent part of the floor and use the other part as your residential area. Although you will not have the privacy of living in the personal property or even having your place, here, you will be making money in the form of rent.

If you will buy a duplex credit apartment, then making monthly income will be a guarantee. You can, therefore, buy the home with loan money or even a mortgage, with the aim of buying back as soon as possible. However, the main downside of the house is that you may not be sure for how long you will maintain your tenants, therefore, ensure that you have another source of income to meet your obligations.

Benefits of a penthouse apartment

The penthouse apartment is full of luxury. It’s the dream home for everyone. The only difference is that with this one, you will be living on a building top floor.  The floor does not have to be the same size as the other floors of the building.

However, it must contain all the benefits of a luxurious home. This form of the house gives you an opening and a better understanding to know how the other side of life feels. Have you ever thought of living in a house with both a Jacuzzi and a swimming pool? Then this is the right answer to that dream. A penthouse, ensure you get all you need and within the shortest time.

Here you enjoy maximum privacy with a private compound to do as you please.  However, when it comes to choosing the right penthouse, you must first ensure you have evaluated the possibilities of each home and what your users are plus the number of people you will be having. Additionally, a luxurious life is at times engaging and entertaining.


These days have gone by so quickly

O dear what a week this have been

Election week here at the . We really have a strong government with a massive increase in wealth across all society

Wealth distribution is kicking in and the surplus is awesome. There has never been a better time to invest in property and real estate.

We are embracing change and our young talents are also achieving great academic success. We look forward to 5 more years of great things. The best is yet to come on this island.

We now partnered up with

Binni has been in the real estate business for 20+ years and has offered to sponsor our youth group event here in Malta

Wishing you a lot of prosperity, luck, love and success in life. Happy holidays my friends. Take care